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About Our Practice

Most people would rather feel healthy and avoid injury before pain strikes. That’s why White Integrated Health Clinics, PLLC in Fort Worth, Texas, emphasizes the importance of improving the well-being of our patients from the start. Unlike conventional medicine, which only treats illness after the symptoms show up, our team focuses on preventive measures to help patients lead healthier, more active lives.

The experienced team at White Integrated Health Clinics includes our Family Nurse Practitioner, Mrs. Catherine Stephens and Chiropractor, Dr. Kevin Sykes. They work together in an integrated setting, which enables our providers to collaborate their knowledge of treatment options to best benefit our patients. They are committed to finding new treatment options and state-of-the-art medical equipment to help our patients recover from injury, reduce chronic pain, relieve acute pain, and improve their range of mobility in the healthiest, most natural way possible. This means taking advantage of high-quality conservative and non-surgical care for spine, disc, and musculoskeletal conditions.

Rather than prescribing heavy medications or recommending invasive surgery, the providers at White Integrated Health Clinics turn to alternative therapies to treat the root cause of the problem and relieve pain safely. Our practice takes advantage of MLS Cold Laser Therapy to target strains, sprains, back and neck pain, musculoskeletal pain, arthritis joint pain, tendinitis, bursitis, sports injuries, Achilles tendon pain, and migraine headaches. We offer Computerized Spinal Decompression Therapy for damaged, degenerative, bulging, or herniated spinal discs. Radial Pressure Wave is an excellent way to manage chronic conditions and Cryofos Neuro Reflex Stimulation Therapy is used to decrease swelling, pain and speed recovery time to get you back to the activities you love to do faster! Our Family Nurse Practitioner Mrs. Stephens can perform Trigger Point Injections to help decrease pain from serious muscle spasm, and Regenerative Medicine and Joint Injections to relieve pain and heal degenerative and arthritic joints.

In addition to these alternative pain treatments, White Integrated Health Clinics enables patients to achieve a healthier future by focusing on active rehabilitation and lifestyle counseling to foster a long-lasting recovery.

We offer a myriad of medical services such as Family Medicine, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, yearly physicals, IV Hydration Therapy, school physicals, wellness visits, and appointments for acute and chronic illnesses including cold, flu and allergies. Mrs. Stephens specializes in nutrition and women’s health services like Pap smears and can assist with medical weight loss as well as chronic weight management.

Our team of healthcare providers knows that patients don’t need invasive procedures to alleviate pain and get back to the activities they love. Make White Integrated Health Clinics your One-Stop-Shop for all your healthcare needs!

To learn more about the non-surgical treatments we provide, call or book an appointment online today! Same or next-day appointments are usually available.



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In Association with River Oaks Chiropractic Clinic. Providing Patient Focused Chiropractic Care.


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CRYOFOS offers cutting edge, safe, non-surgical therapies.

Neuro Reflex Stimulation Therapy (NRS) with CRYOFOS unlocks the body’s innate capacity to overcome pain and heal itself.


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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormones control most of your body’s functions, so even a small imbalance can dramatically affect your quality of life. The compassionate health care providers at White Integrated Health Clinics PLLC in Fort Worth, Texas, offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) to restore optimal hormone balance. To find out if BHRT is right for you, call or book an appointment online today.

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A Beginner's Guide to Cold Laser Therapy

Knee pain, elbow pain, neck pain, back pain. If you struggle with any or all of those and feel like you’ve exhausted your treatment options, you need to learn about cold laser therapy — the gentle, noninvasive way to relieve pain.

Chronic Pain? Consider Trigger Point Injections

Do you constantly find yourself rubbing your shoulders, rolling your neck, or twisting your back in search of pain relief? You don’t have to live that way. If this sounds like you, consider trigger point injections for relief from chronic pain.


Words from our patients

  • Healthgrades

    "I experienced beneficial chiropractic adjustment from Dr. White Jr. There has been a significant gain in my range of motion and I'm no longer in pain."

    Verified Patient
  • facebook

    "Dr. Sykes put me on a plan that eliminated the pain I was experiencing, and a schedule that has kept me pain free for 8 months."

    Jim R.
  • facebook

    "Dr. Sykes has really helped with the day to day pain I have been carrying around for over a year now. I like his approach and upfront treatment plan."

    Angie J.
  • Google

    "They were so gentle with my baby boy and after 3 visits the head tilt was gone! Now 10 months postpartum, my back and neck feel stronger than ever!"

    Andrea H.
  • Google

    "They accomodated my chiropractic concerns and adjusted me with care and very comfortable movements...took time to explain the importance of body alignment."

    Jan T.


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