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Whether you get occasional headaches or have chronic, persistent headaches, the team at White Integrated Health Clinics PLLC, in Fort Worth, Texas, can identify the cause of your headaches and provide effective, conservative care to give you relief. They offer personalized solutions to address your headaches without relying on over-the-counter medications or invasive procedures like injections to reduce your discomfort. Schedule a visit to White Integrated Health Clinics today by calling the office or booking online.

Headaches Q & A

Why do I have a headache?

Headaches can be caused by a wide variety of triggers and other health conditions, such as:

  • Dehydration
  • Low blood sugar
  • Muscle tension
  • Poor posture
  • Eye strain
  • Sinus pressure
  • Too much caffeine or caffeine withdrawal
  • Intense exercise
  • Stress
  • Neurological conditions

The team can help you determine what triggers your headaches in order to prevent them from returning. Treatment can also decrease the length and severity of your headaches.

What type of headache do I have?

Of the many types of headaches, the most common include:

  • Tension headaches
  • Cluster headaches
  • Allergy or sinus headaches
  • Hormone headaches
  • Caffeine headaches
  • Exertional headaches
  • Hypertension headaches
  • Rebound headaches
  • Post-traumatic headaches

While not as common, migraines can be a debilitating type of headache caused by altered neurologic signals in your brain. While their cause is unknown, certain foods and lifestyles can trigger migraines, especially if you have a family history of migraines.

What causes headaches?

Headaches can happen any time the muscles, nerves, or blood vessels in the head or joints in the neck are irritated. Increased muscle tension and joint stiffness contribute to tension headaches, while factors that affect blood flow, such as dehydration, low blood sugar, and high blood pressure, can be related to hypertension or exertional headaches. These types of headaches tend to have specific characteristics, such as stiffness and tightness in the neck with tension headaches and a throbbing or pounding sensation in the head for headaches related to high blood pressure or dehydration.

It’s also possible that another medical condition could be the cause of your headaches, such as a sinus infection or seasonal allergies. Some medications can also cause headaches. The team screens you for these types of headaches and provides referrals to primary care physicians or specialists when additional treatment is needed.

How are headaches treated?

Most headaches resolve through lifestyle changes, such as drinking more water or eating and sleeping at the same time every day, and conservative care. Different types of conservative care for headaches include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Soft tissue therapy, including massage
  • Postural training
  • Ergonomic changes to your work station
  • Physical therapy or rehab
  • Nutritional counseling

The team works with you to develop a personalized plan to address your headaches and help you feel better as quickly as possible.

To schedule a visit for your headaches at White Integrated Health Clinics, call or book online now.